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neilgaiman.info : The Neil Gaiman wiki [Feb. 14th, 2007|10:20 pm]
Neil Gaiman


It's been in quiet alpha-testing mode for a few months, but today Neil mentioned it in the Inkwell.vue interview so I guess it's time to go public!

neilgaiman.info is a wiki for all things Neil, a wiki devoted to "Gaimania", as it were. It's overseen by myself, Lucy Anne (of The Dreaming), and GMZoe (moderator of the neilgaiman.com forum and proprietor of neilgaimanbibliography.com).

It already contains an extensive bibliography and chronology of works, thanks to GMZoe, but nearly everything else needs to be filled in. While there is a page for Fred the Unlucky Cat, for example, there actually isn't one for Neil himself yet.

We could use your help. Please stop by and add something!

(x-posted to Gaiman communities, begging your pardon)